What’s In Your Light Socket?

Once again, consmers are taking matters into their own hands.

In preparation for one more government intrusion into our lives, some consumers have sprung into action.  This time it’s the government’s new war on the good old incandescent light bulb.  As part of a 2007 law, next year will begin the phase out of the manufacture and sale of incandescent light bulbs in favor of more eco-friendly alternatives including Compact Flourescent Lights (CFL’s) and other “green” technology.

Well it appears that the future lack of the standard light bulb isn’t dimming the fondness for them today.  There are reports of consumers already beginning to hoard the traditional light source that has been our standard for more than 100 years, and as the time gets closer to their complete phase out, I expect this action to increase.

The USA Today, has a good article, on the pro’s and con’s of this government mandated phase out that you can read here.

So are these new laws a further overreach of the government, or do you think it is ok for the government to mandate even one more area of our life?  Sound, off and let us know.

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