What To Do With That Hideous Sweater And Other Unwanted Gifts

7 Ideas for what to do with unwanted christmas gifts.

As much as we love getting gifts, there’s always that one that just makes you wonder “what were they thinking?” After putting on your best smile, worthy of an Academy Award, letting the person know how much you really wanted that horrible sweater that is not only 2 sizes too small, but that you wouldn’t be caught dead in, you have to figure out what to do with it.

This video breaks down with those unwanted gifts in 3 simple steps:

And if that doesn’t work for you, WiseBread recently published their list of 7 ways to deal with unwanted gifts.

  1. Refuse the gift. (Good luck breaking the heart of someone who thought enough of you to go and spend time and money picking out a gift for you, even though it truly is hideous.)
  2. Return the gift to the store. (Get a gift receipt and run, don’t walk, to the store to get what you really want. Don’t forget to read our article on the 5 Best Holiday Return Policies.)
  3. Regift it. (Just remember, do so at your own peril, risking being the butt of jokes for years to come.)
  4. Resell it. (Hello eBay and Craigslist!!!)
  5. Repurpose the gift. (That sweater would be perfect for next years “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” with your friends.)
  6. Refinish the item. (Sometimes a can of paint and a little creativity can go a long way, bring out your inner MacGyver.)
  7. Recycle it. (You never know, that ugly sweater, may really be just what someone else really wants or needs, and you can get a tax write-off as well.)

While having to deal with those bummer gifts may be tough in the short term, they will provide years of laughs as you think back on “what were they thinking?”.

What was the worst gift that you ever received, and what did you do with it? 

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