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  • Chase

    I don’t see the issue. The point of the updates would appear to be updating your information at places you already do business with, on a recurring basis. Possibly eliminating the need to contact a dozen places if you loose your card or it’s replaced due to theft. Those merchants aren’t the ones i’m trying to stop, it’s the ones who do not already have my existing card and are not authorized as a recurring payment merchant that I don’t want to have this new auto-updating information, and they won’t. Even if they had my old card due to theft, that’s the charge that’s disputed/blocked for the issuance of a new card, therefore they also won’t get the new one.

    Seems to me, if you’re reporting a loss to get out of recurring payments, you’re doing it wrong and should be closing the account with the merchant.

    I see a win from both a merchant standpoint, less likely to have failed transactions and customer contact unnecessarily to update cards. As a consumer, I don’t have to spend the time and energy to update my information in a dozen different places that I still plan to do business with. Form VISAs standpoint, it also ensures they continue to collect VISA transactions.

    • Newme TinaBoo

      well i was never enrolled in auto pay direct tv do this thing where if you they pay a bill after cancelling service a month later they just take it out your account from card they have on file rather you like it or not. rather you have the money or not they don’t care, i didn’t thing i have a card on file cause i haven’t payed a bill with my new card my account was suspended 6mnts and i cancelled after. well they took money out my account without my permission and said its legal

      with the updated info from visa…i totally disagree with this. they refuse to give me my money back and say the charges are right although i wasn’t living at the residents they charged and now im in the middle of disputing the charge with my bank and they arrogantly told me to get a new card cause they will try again but new card wont work i have to get a hole new account and close the current

      • Chase

        You were signing up for that payment agreement whether you like it our not when you signed up. This is common when you sign your agreement to purchase. You never cancelled your account so why should services have stopped? As far as the provider was concerned, DirectTV or other, they were expected to and did provide a service whether you were there to receive it or not. They still broadcast a signal for your potential consumption. It wasnt fraud, but something you signed up for and didn’t cancel. Therefore, I still see no reason why the updating of valid and correct card information is a problem to a vendor you have an active account with.

        You failed to exercise your right as a consumer to properly cancel service as agreed when you signed up for said service and instead wanted to silently walk away from it without action on your part and leave the vendor in the dark on your intent. That’s not how subscription services work.

        Hate to say it, but the fault doesn’t lay with DirecTv or Visa IMO.

        • Newme TinaBoo

          Do u work for the company no that was not my intent but that’s not right. send it to collection like u spouse to. Don’t steal ppl money.. And I canceled the account after realizing they charging me again I only did the 6mnth suspension cause they said it’ll get rid of my cancelation fee and that wasn’t honored. They lie and that’s something they need to note that they do. hey if u sign we have the right to steal your money its a scam.
          Chase work for direct tv

          • Chase

            No I don’t work for DirectTv. I work in the IT industry and we also deal in subscription services. Don’t assume that because you’re not getting the answer you like, means someone is giving you a jaded answer.

            Regardless of what you feel, you signed service contract with a certain expectation of payment and tenure for that contract. As part of that contract, you provided consent to collect through the means provided to them, including the card you paid for. Suspending service, just pushes the contract out, it doesn’t cancel it or absolve you from the time you signed up for. Let’s say you sign up for 12 months, suspend half way through for six months, you pushed it out to resume months 12 through 18, for the remaining six months you owed. You didn’t cancel, and the cancel fee wasn’t waived. You just pushed out your obligation.

            No different than hardship mortgage or car payment. Then can suspend payment for 2-3 in rare cases, that just adds it to the back of the loan and your term extended.

            As for why no collections, they didn’t need to yet. The 6 months passed, they tried to charge the old card to collect on due services, visa notified them of the new card since they were not a fraudulent vendor and had authorization, and collected payment. Had that been unsuccessful then you’d be having the conversation now about going to collections.

            I’m 100% positive these terms are set out in the contract you signed, if you feel otherwise, get a lawyer and sue, otherwise there is some personal responsibility to understand what you are signing up for.

            My feedback stands, this situation is not fraud or a scam but simply a misunderstanding at best as to what you signed up for and the remedies in that contract DirecTV has to fulfill it if you don’t hold up your obligations.

            You had two options, cancel and pay cancellation fee (which you acknowledge you were applicable to). OR temporaliy suspend your contract 6 months to not pay the cancellation fee, but that means the contract is still unfulfilled and will resume at the end of suspension.

          • Newme TinaBoo

            Your message is way to long I asked for the contract I signed saying I gave them the write to do it they said I didn’t sign that 1 but when I signed for services I agreed to the customer agreement which is on there website. So it was never in front of me unless I went online to read it so I never physically signed a paper saying they have the right to steal money. Either way its a scam they look for loop holes to make something legal that’s technically not. No 1 knows this fact unless they’ve been threw it or has a friend who’s been threw it or read about it and everyone who’s been threw it is surprised when see direct TV steal their money. Its not ethically right. Direct TV only cares about how much money they can get and how for they can go while getting away with it. They sneaky AF. They give u a 1 yr promo with a 2 yr contract the sky rocket the prices after the 1 year. They are horrible they find why’s to leave u stuck and have to pay for it the sneaky. Oh and they don’t let you know up from that this is a 2yr contract either. I would never recommend anyone to them cause they will get screwed with being stuck in a contract constantly raising prices and the customer service is horrible cause they don’t want to do right by their customers. And u have to argue like 2weeks with them to get anything done. They will tell u so many times its this way we can’t do it then wow it can be done. They are horrible

          • Chase

            “So it was never in front of me unless I went online to read it so I never physically signed a paper saying they have the right to steal money. ”

            Not a scam and you electronically signed when you agreed for service, you know the one that say you agree to the terms and/or check box before completing, but most never read. No different than other services. You can sign up for cell service too without stepping into a store and it comes with the same type of expectations.

            Because you didn’t read or understand what YOU were agreeing to doesn’t make it a scam. Otherwise there would be a class action.

            Suck it up, you messed up, move on.

          • Chase

            “They give u a 1 yr promo with a 2 yr contract the sky rocket the prices after the 1 year….Oh and they don’t let you know up from that this is a 2yr contract either.”

            Sorry, that’s BS. Its pretty damn clear and i’m not on DTV. ATT, Comcast, Dish have the same plans. The amount of ignorance and lack of personal accountability is staggering.

            It’s your job to get informed before signing up for service, the terms are clear. If you treat everything else in life, home and auto loans especially, along with any other service you sign up for blindly without understanding your obligations then you deserve everything you get.

            I’m done with this mindless debate. You failed YOUR responsibilities.

            If things were as you said, you’d be taking them to court and/or part of a class action. You’re not. Your whining on the internet about it.

            Learn from it. Apply the lesson in the future. Move on.

          • Newme TinaBoo

            It shouldn’t be legal to take out of ppl account end of story. Direct TV set up this scheme and they are dishonest about everything definition of a scam. If a man knowly takes from a old lady account after gaining her trust and get her to sign thing to out money in his account know she won’t read what she signing and is ignorant to the scheme doesn’t make what he doing is right its still a scam regardless. Direct TV just have a good legal advisor and is a huge company and hard to fight and not enough ppl know what they do.

          • Newme TinaBoo
        • Boyd Cord


          • Chase

            It’s prob a good thing that irresponsible people not use credit cards.

  • Newme TinaBoo

    i strongly dissagree i suspended my account with direct tv and with in that 6mnths i had a new card for faud someone tryed to take $1200 then then a second of $1600. so i got a new card months later direct tv sent me a final bill and in the bill they said it would be taken off card on file and i wasnt worry cause i thought they just had the old card number, but some how they took the money out my account my bank said they could of gotten it from vise directly call visa and they explained the updater and i can ask the merchant to remove my info like come on we talking about money hungry direct tv. like wtf whats the point of having a new card if you just give out my info. so now im fighting to dispute the charge and they arrogantly told me that i could but id get a new card if i was you cause we will try again.

  • Boyd Cord

    They got me last October. They steal money off your debit card too. I;m getting a Master Card.

    well 59 million people drop cable TV. Becaudse I can watch TV on the Internet now I will get the last laugh. NFL Ticket? It’s on the internet.

    example: you can watch Games and Movies on Reddit.

  • Boyd Cord

    if you have a dispute and your Visa card is Debit. THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY. AND YOU HAVE TO GO TO COURT TO GET IT BACK.