Top 9 tips on saving money while holiday shopping.

holiday shopping savingsAs a follower of YourCreditAttorney, you know that we take a very holistic approach to helping our readers and clients understand and improve their personal finances and credit situation.  We do our best to bring you the most up to date and actionable items that are happening around the world and on the web to help you achieve your goals. Our bottom line is to help you achieve your goals and continue to get ahead in life.

The overarching goal is to help put you in a better situation with your finances than you were before you read our latest article or became a client.  But like they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Well here’s one of our favorites, saving money while you shop.

This time of year there’s no way to escape it, you’re going to have to, or want to get out there and buy someone something special.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could not only get that special someone exactly what they want, but also be able to save some money along the way.

The old adage “a dollar saved is a dollar earned” is definitely true in this case.  So let’s get right to it.  Our starting point for the list of top holiday shopping savings tips comes to us from our friends at Wisebread.  Drumroll, please……

  1. Look Out For Price Drops – if the price drops on an item that you already bought, you might be able to get a price adjustment from the retailer;
  2. Price Match – most retailers will match a competitors price for the same item if you bring it to their attention, some may even sweeten the deal just to get the sale;
  3. Discount Gift Cards – buy your gift cards from an online reseller, and save an average of 12%
  4. Use Your Phone For Savings - Use your phones scanning capabilities to do price comparisons and get a price match, or use an app like Coupon Sherpa to get coupons based on your location;
  5. Be Social – hello Facebook and Twitter! Make sure to like and follow the stores and brands you’re going to buy and look for those Friends and Followers discounts that are abundant this time of year;
  6. Online Promo Codes – almost every checkout page has a spot for a coupon or promo code, use your friend Google and the coupon sites to see if there’s any active codes you can enter before you hit submit;
  7. Review Return and Refund Policies – even the strictest stores are willing to give a break this time of year, that normal 7 day return for store credit only is likely to be stretched out until well into the new year;
  8. Secret Santa – while everyone likes to give and receive, sometimes it can be overwhelming, a fun alternative is to do a Secret Santa swap so everyone gets a gift and you can keep costs down (it’s actually a lot of fun, and can become a new family tradition);
  9. Swapping - to get the most value out of barely used items, look online at sites like, BookMooch, thredUP and others, where you can trade your been-there-done-that items with others, and you both end up with awesome new to you items.

Indeed, the holidays are a wonderful time of the year.  But they don’t have to break the bank or your budget if you use a little creativity.

What’s your favorite tip to save money while holiday shopping?  Drop us a comment below and let’s spread the good cheer!



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