Tipping?? – Who’s got money to tip?

The holiday's are barrelling down on us like a runaway freight train.  It's tough enough to figure out how much to spend on those adorable nieces and nephews, but what do you do for those that are there to help make your life easier throughout the rest of the year.

Making it more difficult is that most of us are dealing with at least a little bit less this year than in the past, but, we need to show our appreciation and give thanks to those that have helped us throughout the year.  But just how much thanks can and should you give?

It turns out that tipping is down quite a bit.  In fact the average tip is almost 20% less than it was in 2007… and that's OK.  The important part of tipping and giving in general is to do it with a gracious and thankful heart and just do what you can.  Heck Even the spokeswoman of the Emily Post Institute agrees:

"Overall, holiday tipping is really a way of holiday thanking and if you just don't have as much money then you tip what you can," Post said.

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