The New Bread Line – Food Stamps

The images of the Great Depression are still ingrained in our minds.  The photos and accounts of tent cities, and lines around the corner of down on their luck Americans waiting for their rations of bread and soup.  And we all feel their pain.

But what about today, we are still in the midst of muddling through a persisting economic downturn, with only a modicum of hope for recovery. 

So where are those bread lines today?  With the New Deal and other institutionalized forms of assistance, those bread lines have made their way into your local grocery store.  Technology and policy has now given us  Food Stamps to replace the old fashion bread line.

And it turns out a lot of Americans are still on the bread line.  According to this article, which breaks down the percentage of the population by state, 14% of Americans depend on food stamps to feed their families – THAT'S NEARLY 43 MILLION AMERICANS.

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