Thanks California for making my gas more expensive.

california causes gas prices to riseCalifornia is a great place don't get me wrong, but, some of the craziness just irks me. 

Let's take gas for example, because of the smog issues, California passed regulations requiring a "cleaner" type of gasoline, that although costs a little more to refine, allows the oil companies to boost their profit margins significantly. 

And the craziness doesn't end at the California border, it's now being adopted by more an more states in the west.  The end result we end up paying more per gallon throughout the west than anywhere else in the country, while the oil companies keep getting fatter and fatter wallets. 

Read more on how crazy California is costing you here:

"The premium on gasoline on the West Coast was fueled by a series events starting with a smog problem in California and ending with a handful of companies creating a tight market for clean-burning gasoline."


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