Mortgage Rates Aren’t Going To Get Any Lower

By now, you’ve realized that today’s extremely low mortgage rates are a great bargain, but, maybe you’re holding out that they are going to go even lower. Well two economists at The Federal Reserve say it ain’t going to happen.

Top 6 Tips For Young Homeowners Underwater.

Amazing!! Looks like the American Dream of a beautiful home with a white picket fence isn’t working out too well for almost half of the younger (under 40) homeowners. Yes, 48% of homeowners under 40 now find they are underwater on their mortgage.  They now face the dilemna of what to do when they owe […]

Help Is On The Way – New Rules For Mortgage Servicers

Looks like the governments newest agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is getting a little more serious.  They have proposed new regulations against Mortgage Servicers, the companies who collect your payments and harrass you when they’re late. Although you may think that the company you send your monthly mortgage check to is your lender, in […]

Rent vs Buy, That Is The Question For 2012

(You can watch a HD version of this Rent vs Buy video here)  Today, let’s talk about what’s a better deal, to rent or to buy your home. With the economy where it is today, and housing prices at such affordable levels the lure to buy your home is almost too attractive to pass up.  […]

What Caused the Credit Crisis – One Word “Foreclosures”

One of the questions I get frequently is why is the economy in such horrible shape and what does my mortgage or my foreclosure have to do with the “crisis of credit” This is a great question and while the technical answer is very complex we can paint a broad picture of how greed, supply […]