Why Short Sales Tank Your Credit

It’s rough out there, housing prices are continuing to drop, and that beautiful 3 bedroom you bought in 2006 with an interest only loan is now worth half of what you bought it for. And even though it’s currently worth a heck of a lot less than what you paid, you’re still on the hook […]

Top 6 Tips For Young Homeowners Underwater.

Amazing!! Looks like the American Dream of a beautiful home with a white picket fence isn’t working out too well for almost half of the younger (under 40) homeowners. Yes, 48% of homeowners under 40 now find they are underwater on their mortgage.  They now face the dilemna of what to do when they owe […]

Foreclosures UP – Repossessions DOWN

Looks like banks are back to work with initial foreclosure filings increasing for the third month in a row, but there is a bright side, they’re willing to deal.

What Caused the Credit Crisis – One Word “Foreclosures”

One of the questions I get frequently is why is the economy in such horrible shape and what does my mortgage or my foreclosure have to do with the “crisis of credit” This is a great question and while the technical answer is very complex we can paint a broad picture of how greed, supply […]