What Did You Spend Your Payroll Tax Cut On?

With the recent deal to avert the fiscal cliff for taxes, there was one tax cut that wasn’t spared that will affect millions of Americans, the payroll tax deduction. In an effort to boost the economy, lawmakers cut the payroll tax on Americans during 2011-2012  by 2 percentage points from 6.2% to 4.2%. This cut […]

Fiscal Cliff Part Deux: Federal Workers Beware

Now that the politicians have reached a deal on the fiscal cliff, we should all be jumping for joy right? Unfortunately, the answer is a big fat yes and no. For the millions of us in the private sector, yes, reaching a deal means there is some sort of certainty going forward and the damage […]

The Fiscal Cliff And You

Thankfully, the “fiscal cliff” crisis has been averted.  It may have taken the politicians a long time to come to an agreement, but after putting the country through an inordinate amount of pain and suffering a deal has been agreed to. The new deal, thankfully for many of our clients and readers means that all […]

Fiscal Cliff Tax Calculator – Fun for the whole family

While it appears that we are getting close to a resolution on the fiscal cliff, there are still a lot of questions as to what any one of the myriad of scenarios may actually mean for your wallet.

3 groups most effected by the fiscal cliff.

Yet another day without a deal, and another day closer to the fiscal cliff. You may think that you aren’t going to be affected by our “leaders” inability to come to a compromise over what to do regarding the expiring tax reductions and other items that make up the so called “fiscal cliff”, but you’d […]

Will the “fiscal cliff” affect your Christmas shopping? Wal-Mart thinks so.

Wherever you turn, you can’t escape somebody talking about the “fiscal cliff”.  While most American’s are being inundated by the talk, there’s still a lot of confusion over whether and how it is going to affect us. The timing couldn’t be worse for many of us, consumers and retailers alike.  The holiday’s are the biggest […]