Bad Credit Doesn’t Have To Suck The Life Out of You

Sometimes we all feel a little bummed out, especially if our credit isn’t what we want it to be.  But there are options, click here for our FREE Credit Secrets Course to start taking control once again and regain that youthful spirit.

Bad credit home loans no money down? Maybe if you’re a Veteran.

Looking for bad credit home loans no money down? It may be possible if you’re a veteran through the VA Home Loan Guaranty program.

What Caused the Credit Crisis – One Word “Foreclosures”

One of the questions I get frequently is why is the economy in such horrible shape and what does my mortgage or my foreclosure have to do with the “crisis of credit” This is a great question and while the technical answer is very complex we can paint a broad picture of how greed, supply […]

What would Jesus think about … bad credit?

Money is the root of all evil, or so that’s the popular saying that permeates our collective conscience.  Really the accurate saying is more akin to “The love of money is the root of all evil.”  But how do we reconcile this saying with the current economic climate?     First, some facts, money is […]