Surgically Remove Medical Collections From Your Credit Report


Medical collections can be like an infection on your credit report.  Once they get on there it’s going to take some strong medicine to get them off, and if left to long surgical removal may be your only alternative. 

In this video, we explain the basics of medical billing and medical collections.  Detailing that in general your Dr. does not handle his own billing, but farms it out to a third-party billing company, who essentially becomes a debt collector for the Dr. 

Unfortunately and unlike your doctor, these billing companies/debt collectors do not care about you the patient, but only about getting paid.  As such, they are some of the most aggressive collectors on the planet. 

Unlike your mortgage lender or auto lender, there is nothing physical that that these debt collectors can do to you, they can’t remove your filling, or undo the surgery, so they use as their primary weapon and leverage point, your credit file and credit scores.

Although they are some of the most aggressive collectors and some of the quickest to damage your credit, they are also some of the quickest to work with you to remove that negative damaging information from your reports.

Finally, the video details the two most common situations for having medical collections on your report, either Dr. error, or when there is an actual amount due, and how to go about resolving these issues and having them removed from your credit report.

Do you have medical collections that are infecting your credit report?  If so, leave a comment below and tell us your story.  If you’d like help in working to remove them, check out our Firm’s services here, or take our Free Credit Secrets course for more advanced training to do it yourself.


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About Anthony Candella

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  • Ron Eng

    I am a medical debt collector. If you pay the bill we will report it as paid. It is a Violation of the FCRA to remove the collection if it is a valid debt. We do not say or agree to anyone who calls if they will pay it we will take it off . We can loose our privilege to report. Now it takes a minimum of 45 days for us to report to TU EQ or Experian. Prior to you debt being sent to collections you are made aware of what is owed to the provider from either the office you recieved care in (to the address you provided to them, YOUR responsability to keep info current) and via your “EOB” (explinantion of benifits) from youe insurance carrier of what has been paid and what you owe .Anybody who says they can have legitimate debt removed form your credit report is being less than truthful with you

  • Dre

    Anthony this information is wrong, as the directing attorney of your credit attorney this reasoning make no sense, when you owe you should pay. Case in point how about you provide a service and the customer don’t pay your firm, as a attorney what is your action to get paid. Please explain

  • K Morgan

    I owed 3 co-pays of $25 each which slipped through the cracks each time I visited the same doctor. I was never reminded I had late co-pays…the Dr office third party just sent it to collections. Once I got wind ot the collection I paid the 3 $25 co-pay’s…because I owed the bill. I have spent the past 3 years trying to get my score back above 700 (use to be 765 before this) and it wont budge. I recently called the Berks credit Co. that holds the records and collected the payment and they are the nastiest of nasty folks…down right hateful and uncaring. I asked if there was some way to have this removed and they said NO…any other question…? I asked if they could show some compassion in this matter as I was not aware of the $75(total) co-pay….No was the answer and they were not nice about it. I asked why…and the answer came back…”to teach you a lesson…”
    Isthere anyway to get the marks removed…? If they were removed…my score would snap back to 765 according to score planner on…?
    K Morgan
    Wash. DC