Success Story: Graduating From College Debt Free

Graduating college debt free.

As we each follow along our journey to financial independence and success, we sometimes need a little push or a reminder that it is possible if we only stay the plan. 

By seeing how someone else was able to face what seemed like the impossible, and seeing how they were able to persevere and what actions they took to reach their goal you may gain an insight into something new that you can try and put into practice as you go along your journey.

Today we came across a wonderful story of a young woman whose goal was to graduate from college without any debt.  As you can imagine, with the cost of tuition and living expenses including textbooks and all of the other associated costs reaching astronomical levels, this almost seems an impossible dream.

What is even better about this story, is that this young woman, was not one of the privileged few, nor did she have a family who planned for this event since she was born, no she simply had a goal, to graduate debt free, and was determined to find a way to do it.

I graduated college debt-free. No, I did not win the lottery, nor do I come from an affluent family. I come from a very middle class family who, unfortunately, didn’t have the extra cash to put money into a college fund for me. But all my life I have had budgeting and planning drilled into my head. The summer before I went off to college, I knew I had to come up with some sort of plan if I didn’t want to be in a huge amount of debt after I graduated.

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This story can be both motivation and a blueprint. As Tony Robbins often says, success leaves clues, take time to study people who have achieved what you would like and learn to model your path after them. It does not take a miracle or winning the lottery to reach your goals, it simply takes a plan and action. The plans are out there from people who have already accomplished the goal, now it’s time for you to take the action.

We’d love to share your success story, and help others achieve their goals. If you’ve gone after a financial goal and accomplished it, please comment below with your story and we can help others achieve their goals.

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