Retailer “Discounts” are Lies! Didn’t we already know this?

Raise your hand if you've been sucked in by the hype.  You know, get this shiny new TV for not 50% off, not 60% off but 75% off.  It seems this pitch has become the norm, but are you really getting that big of a discount? 

Well several California district attorneys don't think so and they're attacking the retailers in court to prove it.  Their first victim –

The lawsuit alleges that Overstock, and allegedly other retailers artificially raise the "regular" price, just so that they can claim an outrageous discount even though the "discounted" price is exactly the same as you would pay at just about any other retailer at the non-discounted rate.

Well take that big retailers looking to sucker punch us.  I'll guess we'll have to keep an eye on the developments in this case to see if we can get a real discount in the near future.

"Several California district attorneys filed a civil lawsuit against last week, claiming that the site deliberately misleads customers about the depth of its discounts. In particular, the lawsuit alleges that the company inflates its reference prices. . ."

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