Mortgage Rates Aren’t Going To Get Any Lower


By now, you’ve realized that today’s extremely low mortgage rates are a great bargain, but, maybe you’re holding out that they are going to go even lower. Well two economists at The Federal Reserve say it ain’t going to happen.

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If The Dollar Store Is Tanking, What Does That Mean For The Rest Of Us?

Family Dollar

What you think of the economy in general really depends on what news outlet you listen to. One side is telling us that we’re making progress and the economy is turning around, while the other side vehemently argues that this is simply not the case and that the economy is actually getting worse. They each […]

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Fiscal Cliff Part Deux: Federal Workers Beware

government worker

Now that the politicians have reached a deal on the fiscal cliff, we should all be jumping for joy right? Unfortunately, the answer is a big fat yes and no. For the millions of us in the private sector, yes, reaching a deal means there is some sort of certainty going forward and the damage […]

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The Fiscal Cliff And You

By: striderp64

Thankfully, the “fiscal cliff” crisis has been averted.  It may have taken the politicians a long time to come to an agreement, but after putting the country through an inordinate amount of pain and suffering a deal has been agreed to. The new deal, thankfully for many of our clients and readers means that all […]

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Success Story: Graduating From College Debt Free


As we each follow along our journey to financial independence and success, we sometimes need a little push or a reminder that it is possible if we only stay the plan. 

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Forget The Fiscal Cliff – Dairy Cliff Doubles Price Of Milk!

egg and milk choices

With so much attention being paid to the fiscal cliff we often lose sight of other things that Washington is failing to do.  One of those things is being dubbed the “Dairy Cliff”, and if not addressed may cause the price of milk to double, pushing the price to over $7 a gallon.

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