Once Again, Banks Get Fat, Your Balance Gets Skinny.

The bailouts weren't enough, decimating millions of families through greed and deceitful practices wasn't enough.  THE BANKS WANT MORE!!

More profit is the goal of every bank, and boy are they good at getting it.  If one revenue stream gets shut down by the government, the sneaky and ingenious bankers will find a way to open up a new loophole.

This article points out just some of the ways that the banks are continuing to find new revenue streams, as there older schemes get shut down.

"Banks, in an attempt to wring more revenue out of customer accounts, are conjuring up new ways to raise fees on basic products like debit cards, cash machines and checking accounts."

We wil continue to highlight the greed of the banks, and creditors for you, and look forward to you telling us your story as well.


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