Not So Fast Seattle – The Bust Is On It’s Way

Oh to all those who thought they sailed through the housing debacle relatively unscathed, it looks like the reaper is on his way.

From 2007 to today, we have all heard the horror stories of towns like Las Vegas, Phoenix, and the whole of California being drawn down into the quagmire of foreclosure and falling home prices.  Yet, there were still pockets of stability and good news spread throughout the country.

Seattle, Minneapolis, Atlanta and hosts of other locales were relatively unaffected, until now.  New data shows that these once spared markets are beginning to feel the same pain as the rest of the country.

“But other regions are a step or two behind–so they’re feeling more acute pain right now. And as the effects of last year’s federal tax credits for homebuyers continue to wear off, things could get even worse.

The Seattle market, for instance, is down by 31 percent from its peak in 2007.”

We will continue to monitor the developments in these markets, and share information we have learned from our credit repair clients,  on both how to survive this and of the potential windfalls to be had for those with the ways and means to profit from this situation.

For further information on the second coming of the foreclosure crisis, click here.

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