Government Crackdown On Debt Collectors

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Finally, the government finally intends to start cracking down on outrageous debt collectors.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is going to start policing collection agencies and rogue collectors who violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

A quick watch of this video shows some of the outrageous lies and threats collectors use to harass and intimidate individuals, far in excess of what they are allowed by law.

As reported by ABC, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) who has traditionally taken complaints about debt collectors, indicates that they receive more than 150,000 complaints per year regarding these disgusting tactics.

How outrageous can these tactics be? Check out this threat by one debt collector to the mother of a recently deceased child.

In this FTC lawsuit filed against one bill collector, a grieving mother said she was asked how she would feel if the funeral home dug up her son’s body and “dropped it outside my house because I hadn’t paid my debt.”

While it may be true that the collection agencies have a legitimate right to collect on unpaid debts, it must be done legally and in full compliance of the FDCPA.

Unfortunately, many of the agents employed by these firms are poorly trained, have no regard for the laws by which they are bound, and are paid on a commission basis and thus live by the motto that the ends justify the means.

This is more than an outrage. Just because a person has an outstanding debt, they are not less than human and deserve to be treated in a business-like manner, as that is what this is, business not personal.  Yet, the gall and insensitivity that is practiced by these individuals is beyond reprehensible and thankfully there is now at least a hope that the government, through the policing activities of the CFPB, will begin to crack down on these individuals.

Do you disagree that these individuals should be held accountable for their violations of the FDCPA, and should be held accountable? I’d love to hear your opinion by commenting below.

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