Finally the conspiracy has been proven.

It turns out the credit card companies have taken a page from the drug dealer playbook, and it's time to call them on it.


If you've walked the sacred grounds of any college campus within the last 20 years you have seen the inevitable row of tents with barkers giving away free t-shirts, frisbees, duffel bags and myriad other trinkets to lure you in.  Do they want you to see the sideshow freaks at the carnival, no way, they want to get you to sign up for their low fee, low rate credit card.  

They tease you with the promise of easy money, the ability to go ahead and buy that pair of shoes even though you don't have a job or real source of income.  Ahhh! that first high, they look great, and it was so easy.  But this is the game plan, get em young, get em hooked and you've got a customer for life.  

In recent years this dangerous game that the credit card companies have been playing have been brought out into the open, and multiple rounds of legislation have been passed to crack down on these unethical practices, but, those very smart, very greedy companies have continuously found a way to beat the system.  And if they can't beat the system, so what, they continue doing it anyway.

But did you know it wasn't just the credit card company that was being just a tad shady, the school's themselves have been just as greedy and just as shady.

Check out this quote from a recent article from Dave Ramsey, "Many schools are still aligned with credit card companies, and these companies can still pay colleges to receive access to students."  If that doesn't make you take pause, read the full article here.



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