FICO Reveals Their Secrets? Yeah Right!

Fair Isaac & Co. the provider of the most widely used credit score, the FICO score, is trying once again to spin to the consumer why their secretive, often misleading and erroneous credit score model is the best thing since sliced bread.

In a recent article on Yahoo, the CEO tries to give consumers some insight on what factors are included in their calculations and what actions can be taken to improve their score.

"FICO creates the score simply by feeding numbers into its formula: "It's based on pure, statistical evidence, with no judgment or evaluation or emotion.""

Is this really a benevolent gesture by a firm who keeps their secrets closer than the CIA?  Or is this just another way to appease the consumers who have been damaged by this flawed formula, and who have been getting more aggressive and more vocal in their complaints, while they protect themselves from further oversight by the government?  You be the judge!

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