Experian To Begin Reporting Your Rent Payments

In a really nice win for us, Experian, has announced that it will begin reporting as a trade-line your rent payments.  This is a great opportunity to add additional positive information to your credit report and help you increase your credit score.

Although, they have agreed to report this information, like all trade-lines, it is still incumbent on your landlord to report the information to them.  It is not automatic that all landlords will participate and in fact many will not.  We are continuing to investigate alternatives to relying on your landlord for this potentially positive information.

“For many, rent was their biggest monthly expenditure, and they never got the credit they deserved for making those payments,” said Brannan Johnston, vice president and managing director of Experian’s RentBureau. “Historically only negative information showed up for renters through collections or evictions.”

Click here to read more on how Experian is throwing us a bone with reporting rental payments.

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  • Ross Adams

    If you are a good tenant, it’s in your interest to be recorded regularly. But keep in mind that if you have chronic late payments, they will be also available to your future landlords.

    As for Experian, it’s a good service for reporting payment history. However, this article https://rentberry.com/blog/reporting-delinquent-tenant mentioned Equifax, TransUnion. The services are easy in use as well.