Does Your Spouse Have Something to Hide?

Oh the happy home, isn't it so sweet.  You and your significant other are in love, you communicate wonderfully and you discuss everything.  Or do you?  As this article points out there is a secret that many spouses and SO's are hiding, They've been SHOPPING!!!

While this may be just a minor issue, for those of us working diligently to control our bad credit issues and work to improve our credit the long term results may be devastating. 

Is it time to have a talk?????

"'I'm not even married yet, but I already hide some of my purchases from my live-in boyfriend. We're saving up for a house, and we both work hard. . ."

Check out the full story on a number of secret shoppers and the results to their bottom line: Spouses With A Secret Shopping Habit – I'm A Secret Spender.


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