Deliver your way to debt free? This guy is.

Mmmmm Pizza!  I love it, you love it, we all love it.  But what about that guy who shows up at your house in 30 minutes or left does he love it??

Well for Jeff Kosola, the answer is a resounding yes!  You see Jeff and his wife amassed more than $100,000 in debt and were buried with collection calls, threats, and a tearing apart of their family.  Jeff's answer, deliver pizza.  May seem super simple, but here is one example of how making a sacrifice and taking action really pays off. 

By delivering pizza Jeff and his family anticipate that they will be debt free (except for their mortgage) by August 2011. 

Makes me want to say, "Would you like pepperoni on that?"

"According to the blog, the Kosola family has plowed through nearly 35% of their debt, and the goal is to be debt-free, except the house, by August 2011."

Read more of Jeff's story here.


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