Dave Ramsey Tip On Credit Repair

Dave Ramsey is one of our favorite financial minds here, and we enjoy sharing some of his tips from time to time.
In this video Dave has an interesting take on what he recommends for credit repair.

While we agree that most would do well to eliminate all debt completely, the reality is that your FICO score is never going to simply go to zero. Most of us have significant issues that are already plaguing our credit reports and, while we work to eliminate the debt completely, that credit history must be addressed as well.
Additionally, while Dave’s suggestions are noble, unfortunately, most of us need some form of credit to get by in life. By addressing both issues, your current debt, and the issues that are on your report, you set yourself up for total success in the long run.
Have you eliminated your debt completely or in the process of doing so? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.
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