Chase finally admits that it made a BIG mistake.

Imagine not knowing that the bank made a $16,000 error on your credit card, and then filed suit against you and obtained a judgment.  Even worse, imagine that when you tell the bank of the error they tell you tough cookies.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to California mom, Heather Rose.

Just recently, Ms. Rose discovered that Chase made a $16,000 mistake in 2007, leading to a judgment for the amount and she never even knew about it.  Only after wondering why she kept getting denied for credit did she pull her credit report and find out about the problem.

The worst part about the story, Chase refused to fix the problem, and only after involving local media did Chase finally do the right thing and admit to their mistake and take it off her credit report.

If this isn’t a wake up call that the bureaus and banks just don’t care about you I don’t know what is.  You must take action today, get a copy of your credit report (you can get it here along with your 3 credit scores for free during the trial) and review it for errors.  More than 80% of credit reports contain these types of errors that you simply don’t know about until you review your report.


But her problems really began when, according to Rose, Chase refused to deal with her case. Rose then turned to two major credit bureaus — TransUnion and Equifax — which also never answered her disputes. She then got the local media involved and soon after, Chase issued her a letter stating that there was no judgment against her. The credit bureaus then took the judgment off her report.

Read more about the Heather Roses story here.

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