Beware of Student Loan Relief – A big tax bill may be coming

The recent student loan reforms have provided much needed relief to millions of borrowers by making monthly payments more affordable.  However, there is a HUGE tax problem that may leave you a lot more broke in just a few years.

Chase finally admits that it made a BIG mistake.

Imagine not knowing that the bank made a $16,000 error on your credit card, and then filed suit against you and obtained a judgment.  Even worse, imagine that when you tell the bank of the error they tell you tough cookies. Well, that’s exactly what happened to California mom, Heather Rose.

Top 9 tips on saving money while holiday shopping.

As a follower of YourCreditAttorney, you know that we take a very holistic approach to helping our readers and clients understand and improve their personal finances and credit situation.  We do our best to bring you the most up to date and actionable items that are happening around the world and on the web to […]

Divorced? Better check your credit.

While divorce is challenging from the personal level, it also comes with a host of issues that you need to address regarding your credit. Have you gone through a divorce and had problems with your credit?  We want to hear your experience, comment below.

Cash for Clunkers Part 2 – For Semi-Trucks

Woo-hoo good buddy! Looks like Cash for Clunkers Part 2 is right around the corner.  This time it’s for our good friends the semi drivers. We have a special affinity for those hardworking drivers who really do make our economy hum.  Just think about, all of those shiny new gadgets, clothes and even food get […]

Are you spending more??

The results are in… economic data shows that consumers spent more in October, well at least a little bit. Retail spending was up 0.5% in October. Does this mean that christmas will be better?  Does it mean the economy is rebounding? Are you planning on spending more? “Stronger economic growth helped calm fears that the […]

Look it’s a parade…Ooops, nope I’m Just Quitting!

From time to time we all have probably had a daydream or two about quitting our job, and not just quitting, but quitting in a big way. It seems as though when budgets are cut and people are laid off, the remaining employees are saddled with all of the extra work.  This extra work, and […]

Poof there goes $120 BILLION from the economy

With the markets spinning out of control, the government not knowing what to do and panic hitting the streets, here’s the next major issue that is about to hit the economy. One of the measures taken by Congress last year was to temporarily reduce payroll taxes that added back an average of $1000 to employees […]

Black Friday’s just over a week away…is it a good thing?

Ah the joys of Thanksgiving… Huge turkey dinner, falling asleep on the couch and of course FOOTBALL!!!  But there’s one more tradition that has us all excited, Black Friday. The excitement of waking up before the sun just to save a few bucks.  Well this may be one tradition that we want to look at […]

It may be a winter wonderland, but I’d like to have lights.

It’s that time of the year again, old man winter is making his debut throughout the country.  While it may be beautiful outside, it sure isn’t any fun when there is no electricity in the house. Here’s an article on “How to keep the power on during a storm” Have you lost your power during […]