7 Money Games To Help You Save

Who doesn’t love a game? Even better who doesn’t love a game that can put more money in your pocket next year? Learning how to save money is one thing, making it fun to do so is another. We’ve come across a great resource with 7 awesome games

Use The “Right” Credit Card During The Holidays

Much of what we discuss here is geared to helping you take control of your financial life by helping you understand and improve your credit and financial situation. Part of this process, as with anything else in life is making the best choice at every step in the process.

11 small leaks in your spending that are costing you thousands.

In the world of poker, players talk about a “leak” being a mistake that you consistently make time and time again that eats away at your profits and in many cases can turn a winning player into a losing one over time.  Similarly, we all have leaks in our own lives that although they seem […]

Pay raises are back – Barely.

We could all use a little bump in our pay, but unfortunately during the last 4-5 years the yearly raise has been an exception rather than the rule.  The good news is that annual increases are making a comeback, the bad news is that the increases are skimpy at best.

Don’t go broke with last minute Christmas gifts.

If you’re anything like me you can hardly believe that Christmas is just over a week away.  Where does that time go… And if the time has snuck up on you too, then in all likelihood you haven’t exactly been setting money aside to pay for all those Christmas gifts.  While we know that we […]

Top 5 Credit Card Balance Transfer Tips

You know the drill, go to the mailbox, grab the mail and go through the envelopes.  Out of the 6 pieces you received, 2 of them are offers for new credit cards, one is a bundle of coupons luring you to various local pizza shops and carpet cleaners, and Bam! 3 of them are offers […]

Fiscal Cliff Tax Calculator – Fun for the whole family

While it appears that we are getting close to a resolution on the fiscal cliff, there are still a lot of questions as to what any one of the myriad of scenarios may actually mean for your wallet.

Can’t Qualify? Rent a Cosigner.

If you have bad credit, or even if it’s less than top tier, you know how difficult it can be to do the basic things in life, even renting an apartment. Luckily, there may be a new option for you — renting a cosigner. 

3 groups most effected by the fiscal cliff.

Yet another day without a deal, and another day closer to the fiscal cliff. You may think that you aren’t going to be affected by our “leaders” inability to come to a compromise over what to do regarding the expiring tax reductions and other items that make up the so called “fiscal cliff”, but you’d […]

Personal Finance Emergency Preparedness Kit

I don’t know if the Mayans are going to be right about the world ending on 12/21/2012, but there sure as heck seems to be a ton of natural disasters recently.  And they appear to be happening more frequently. With the popularity of shows such as Doomsday Preppers, and the plethora of information floating around […]