8 Things Christmas Movies Can Teach Us

As you can probably tell, Christmas and the entire holiday season are some of our favorite times of the year here at YourCreditAttorney.  There are so many traditions that we love and people to share them with. One of our favorite traditions is watching our favorite holiday movies. But watching movies, especially christmas movies, can […]

Government Crackdown On Debt Collectors

Finally, the government finally intends to start cracking down on outrageous debt collectors.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is going to start policing collection agencies and rogue collectors who violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). A quick watch of this video shows some of the outrageous lies and threats collectors use to […]

5 Best Holiday Return Policies

Oh black friday… what did I do? If this was you just a couple of weeks ago you may be in luck, depending on where you shopped.  

Scammers Already Trying To Profit From Newtown Tragedy

While we continue to mourn the 26 beautiful souls who were tragically gunned down in Newtown last friday, we have just learned that the evil did not end on that day.

Good news at the pump?

While we have been watching the price of gas going down for the last few days here in California, we now have confirmation that the price of gas is dropping throughout the country.

Pay raises are back – Barely.

We could all use a little bump in our pay, but unfortunately during the last 4-5 years the yearly raise has been an exception rather than the rule.  The good news is that annual increases are making a comeback, the bad news is that the increases are skimpy at best.

Don’t go broke with last minute Christmas gifts.

If you’re anything like me you can hardly believe that Christmas is just over a week away.  Where does that time go… And if the time has snuck up on you too, then in all likelihood you haven’t exactly been setting money aside to pay for all those Christmas gifts.  While we know that we […]

Fiscal Cliff Tax Calculator – Fun for the whole family

While it appears that we are getting close to a resolution on the fiscal cliff, there are still a lot of questions as to what any one of the myriad of scenarios may actually mean for your wallet.

Chase finally admits that it made a BIG mistake.

Imagine not knowing that the bank made a $16,000 error on your credit card, and then filed suit against you and obtained a judgment.  Even worse, imagine that when you tell the bank of the error they tell you tough cookies. Well, that’s exactly what happened to California mom, Heather Rose.

3 groups most effected by the fiscal cliff.

Yet another day without a deal, and another day closer to the fiscal cliff. You may think that you aren’t going to be affected by our “leaders” inability to come to a compromise over what to do regarding the expiring tax reductions and other items that make up the so called “fiscal cliff”, but you’d […]