Identity Theft Is Now As Easy As Walking Through The Mall

Identity theft, a problem that we help many of our credit repair clients overcome, is now becoming increasingly easier for thieves to accomplish. The following video should have you extremely worried

Prevent Identity Theft with these 6 tips

It comes as no surprise that Identity Theft is not only on the rise, but is one of the most prevalent forms of theft nowadays. ¬†For the criminal this is a high reward low risk crime that in most instances takes advantage of opportunity without the need for violence. The thieves for the most part […]

Happy Holidays! Here’s 12 scams to look out for.

There’s nothing more wonderful than this time of year. We all seem a little bit happier and more charitable. Sharing smiles and friendly hello’s just makes your heart feel a little warmer. Unfortunately, this time of year is also the favorite of scammers and thieves who know that your extra cheer can lead them to […]