Why Short Sales Tank Your Credit

It’s rough out there, housing prices are continuing to drop, and that beautiful 3 bedroom you bought in 2006 with an interest only loan is now worth half of what you bought it for. And even though it’s currently worth a heck of a lot less than what you paid, you’re still on the hook […]

49 Credit Scores and Counting – Enough Already FICO!!!

We’ve been telling our clients for years, the credit score you see when you buy your credit reports and scores, is NOT the credit score the lender sees.  In fact, it is more of a guideline to help you know if you are even within the game, rather than a determining factor in whether or […]

Repossession or Bankruptcy, What’s The Better Option?

Behind on your car payments? Should you have them reposess the vehicle or file for bankruptcy. Here’s how to tell.

Bad credit home loans no money down? Maybe if you’re a Veteran.

Looking for bad credit home loans no money down? It may be possible if you’re a veteran through the VA Home Loan Guaranty program.

Foreclosures UP – Repossessions DOWN

Looks like banks are back to work with initial foreclosure filings increasing for the third month in a row, but there is a bright side, they’re willing to deal.

Rent vs Buy, That Is The Question For 2012

(You can watch a HD version of this Rent vs Buy video here)  Today, let’s talk about what’s a better deal, to rent or to buy your home. With the economy where it is today, and housing prices at such affordable levels the lure to buy your home is almost too attractive to pass up.  […]

How Is Your FICO Credit Score Calculated?

Here’s a handy little chart we put together to help you understand what information affects your credit score. Improving the information in any of these categories will have a significant effect on your score. In general your credit score is made up of your payment history in addition to other factors.  (If you don’t know […]

Do You Practice The 7 Characteristics of The Debt Free?

Today I want to talk about a great article that I came across from one of my favorite financial minds Dave Ramsey. In this article Dave talks about what he considers are the 7 characteristics of debt free people. It’s really a great list and got me thinking about what it really takes from a […]

Surgically Remove Medical Collections From Your Credit Report

  Medical collections can be like an infection on your credit report.  Once they get on there it’s going to take some strong medicine to get them off, and if left to long surgical removal may be your only alternative. 

Divorced? Better check your credit.

While divorce is challenging from the personal level, it also comes with a host of issues that you need to address regarding your credit. Have you gone through a divorce and had problems with your credit?  We want to hear your experience, comment below.