Just Good Financial Advice?

We just came across this video which gives some solid advice on a few things you can to begin improving your overall financial situation. These tips may seem second nature to many, but, continuing to hit the fundamentals is what makes you a master over your personal finances. We do caution you however on the […]

Identity Theft Is Now As Easy As Walking Through The Mall

Identity theft, a problem that we help many of our credit repair clients overcome, is now becoming increasingly easier for thieves to accomplish. The following video should have you extremely worried

8 Things To Do With Your Year-End Bonus

As you recall from our earlier article, it looks like many American’s are going to start seeing their yearly reviews and pay raises coming back but also on the comeback is the year-end bonus.  While the amounts may not be what they once were, it’s still nice to be appreciated and to receive a little something. […]

Use The “Right” Credit Card During The Holidays

Much of what we discuss here is geared to helping you take control of your financial life by helping you understand and improve your credit and financial situation. Part of this process, as with anything else in life is making the best choice at every step in the process.

Top 5 Credit Card Balance Transfer Tips

You know the drill, go to the mailbox, grab the mail and go through the envelopes.  Out of the 6 pieces you received, 2 of them are offers for new credit cards, one is a bundle of coupons luring you to various local pizza shops and carpet cleaners, and Bam! 3 of them are offers […]