Repossession or Bankruptcy, What’s The Better Option?

Behind on your car payments? Should you have them reposess the vehicle or file for bankruptcy. Here’s how to tell.

Foreclosures UP – Repossessions DOWN

Looks like banks are back to work with initial foreclosure filings increasing for the third month in a row, but there is a bright side, they’re willing to deal.

What Caused the Credit Crisis – One Word “Foreclosures”

One of the questions I get frequently is why is the economy in such horrible shape and what does my mortgage or my foreclosure have to do with the “crisis of credit” This is a great question and while the technical answer is very complex we can paint a broad picture of how greed, supply […]

Do You Practice The 7 Characteristics of The Debt Free?

Today I want to talk about a great article that I came across from one of my favorite financial minds Dave Ramsey. In this article Dave talks about what he considers are the 7 characteristics of debt free people. It’s really a great list and got me thinking about what it really takes from a […]

The bankruptcy tsunami gains momentum

It looks like there’s no slowing down the flood of bankruptcy filings, and there’s no end in site. According to this article, bankruptcy filings were up in 2010 to their highest levels yet with almost 1.5 million Americans turning to the courts for protection from an unmanageable debt load and a stagnating economy.  it also […]

Can you have a high score after filing for a bankruptcy? You bet.

One of our primary tasks here at is helping people who have taken advantage of the protections afforded by the Bankruptcy laws get back on their feet and improve their credit going forward.   it’s good to hear that we aren’t the only ones who recognize that it is truly possible to achieve a very high […]

File bankruptcy twice??

Filing for bankruptcy protection is an increasingly attractive alternative for those that have had a set back and simply cannot climb out of that hole.  Increasingly, consumers are turning to bankruptcy to protect themselves from having their wages garnished and judgments enforced. But what happens if you have already filed for bankruptcy within the last […]