ATM’s steal 25% of YOUR cash, fight back.

no-atm-feesWith all of the new credit card legislation, continuing economic mess and foreclosure nightmare, banks have been looking to make up for all those lost profits.  What better way to make it up than to charge your current customers even more for simply taking their own money out of the bank.  That's right we all know and love those cute little fees you get hit with when taking money out of the ATM…NOT!


In many cases the fees can be as much as $5 or more for taking money out of your own account regardless of the amount taken out.  

Let's break that down.  If I want to go to the movies and need to take out $20 from the ATM, the bank is going to hit me with fees of $5.  That is a 25% fee for simply having access to my own money – that is simply outrageous, Don Corleone from the Godfather doesn't even charge that much.  

Essentially, the bank is charging you interest for using your own money, and is more akin to using a credit card.  To make matters worse, many banks even charge you a fee to go into the bank itself and talk with a human being.  Damn it the banks are going to get their piece of your money whether you like it or not.

The solution, find a bank that doesn't charge these fees and keep your money for you.  The banks don't deserve 25% of YOUR cash just for the privilege of giving it to you through a machine.

This article from CNN lists a number of banks and financial institutions that don't steal your money.

Our recommendation, if you are getting hit with outrageous fees for access to your money change banks today!


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