7 Money Games To Help You Save

Who doesn’t love a game? Even better who doesn’t love a game that can put more money in your pocket next year?

Learning how to save money is one thing, making it fun to do so is another. We’ve come across a great resource with 7 awesome games that you can start playing by yourself right now to start saving more money without it feeling like a chore.

Here’s the list of games:

  1. Bank half of any increase in income game.
  2. My payments NEVER go away game.
  3. The price of admission game.
  4. The daily piggy bank game.
  5. The act like a short-sighted American businessman game.
  6. The ME first game.
  7. SOS or Save Our Singles game.

To read the complete rules for each of these games click here to visit TheWisdomJournal.com

This is a great start to making savings easy and fun, and definitely something that we recommend.  Heck, we should add one more to the list, the Pay Off Your Debt With All Of The Money You Save Playing These Games Game. What do you think??

Well enough talking get out there and start playing, but before you go, make sure to comment below if you play any sort of money game that we should add to the list.

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