Just Good Financial Advice?

We just came across this video which gives some solid advice on a few things you can to begin improving your overall financial situation. These tips may seem second nature to many, but, continuing to hit the fundamentals is what makes you a master over your personal finances.

We do caution you however on the advice regarding credit counseling services. While it is true that these organizations are non-profit, you should be aware that they receive the majority of their funding from the credit card companies. This represents a potential conflict of interest that may be too big to ignore.

Dave Ramsey Tip On Credit Repair

Dave Ramsey is one of our favorite financial minds here, and we enjoy sharing some of his tips from time to time.
In this video Dave has an interesting take on what he recommends for credit repair. Continue reading…

What Did You Spend Your Payroll Tax Cut On?

fiscal cliff payroll tax cuts lump sum

With the recent deal to avert the fiscal cliff for taxes, there was one tax cut that wasn’t spared that will affect millions of Americans, the payroll tax deduction.

In an effort to boost the economy, lawmakers cut the payroll tax on Americans during 2011-2012  by 2 percentage points from 6.2% to 4.2%. This cut meant that the average worker brought home an extra $1,000 per year in take-home pay, or $42 every other week. Continue reading…

Identity Theft Is Now As Easy As Walking Through The Mall

Identity theft, a problem that we help many of our credit repair clients overcome, is now becoming increasingly easier for thieves to accomplish.

The following video should have you extremely worried Continue reading…

Debt Collectors Beware Big Brother Is Watching You

  CFPB to begin monitoring for violations of the FDCPA by collection agencies over telephone

In helping clients with the credit repair process, we are repeatedly made aware of the intimidation factors that debt collectors and collection agencies use in order to collect on allegedly owed debts of consumers.

One of the most important tools of the debt collector is the telephone. It is also one of the most abused tools as well.

The process of collections is regulated mainly through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) which places limits on what collection agents may say and what tactics they may use.  Continue reading…

Is It Even Possible To Live Below Your Means?

Because one of our main services at YourCreditAttorney.com is to help people fix credit mistakes and problems, we spend a lot of time on our blog talking about things you can do to fix the problems that are on your credit report already. But looking at your credit and financial history is only one part of the solution.

To truly make a difference and put yourself on the path to a brighter financial future, you need to be looking at the things that you do today and going forward with your finances and how you spend money. Continue reading…